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Ben's Social Media Lab

ToonVidio Review Video Marketing Tips

June 21 2016 , Written by Ben

ToonVidio Review & Bonus: http://goo.gl/uxcm3X http://realisticweb.com/toonvidio-review-product-tour-bonus/ Video Marketing works - TV infomercials have been doing it for years. Now, they're hitting the Internet. New video marketing solutions are becoming...

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Commission Magic Affiliate Marketing Tips

June 15 2016 , Written by Ben

If you're really new, then affiliate marketing is the activity of marketing and selling products that do not belong to you, and for each sale you collect a percentage commission. It has become highly popular in the past few years because of companies...

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InstaViral - Viral Marketing Tips

June 13 2016 , Written by Ben

Virus - What immediately enters your mind? Did it make you think about medical issues - being sick, etc? Or, more predictably if you are an internet marketer, do you think of content that is talked about, popular and attention grabbing? This particular...

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StealthTube Video Marketing Tips

June 9 2016 , Written by Ben

Manufacturers have long known the impact video advertisements can have on profits. That's why TV and movies are plastered with ads and product placement. Now the concept is making headway on the Internet. Internet video technology has just taken a huge...

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LiveLeap Review

June 7 2016 , Written by Ben

Facebook has emerged as among the more important sites around, not just for the common person to get in touch with their loved ones, but for online marketers too. Extremely targeted ads can be put, which is something that not too many other social media...

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